Rookie mistakes, recording mediums, and the joy of making music for video!

Have you ever had a creative assignment where you had to make an ad for a fake product?  Or invent a product?  Or write some ad-copy for an existing product?

I remember back in school, my wonderful music teacher gave us an assignment to write the theme song for a new cartoon coming out.  He had submitted his version for professional consideration from the production staff, and so he thought it would be wonderful education for us to pair up and compose something that we thought would be suitable for the show.   Besides the 45 second time constraint, the sky was the limit. 

Heroes, Icons, and the Curse of Self Produced Music

We all have our most fond memories and our heroes.  Usually someone had an enormous influence on you growing up, and it was as if they could do no wrong.  Reality be damned; whether it's Santa, Frosty, David Bowie, Uncle What's-His-Face, Your Dad, That Actor, The Older School Patrol, A Favourite Teacher... when it clicks it clicks.  Those memories can last a lifetime.  

Funny times these days in the studio... but were they ever normal?

Today, I tracked a vocal.  Nothing special about that, except we've finally just finished renovating the studio, and I've been itching to put it through its paces.  

I did a clever cable thing and got to use some equipment I hadn't used in a long time,  which was convenient because Eles had the big outboard rack in his room and had a session right after and I didn't want to wheel the thing around all day.  

And lo and behold, producer and singer walk in, headphones are ready to go, we dial up tones in less that 30 seconds of singing and wow... what a killer tone I got quickly.   Pure chance I'm sure, lol.  Needs a tweak though.  Add another piece of gear and it sounds even better.  I don't push my luck further and we start tracking.